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I've been going around trying to find some new and interesting books around the indie pub world, and so far I've found two worth mentioning. If you like The Mage's Son, along with my other content, then you should definitely check these out!

About Valandra The Winds of Time Cycle (Book 1)

The Twelve Kingdoms of Valandra are under threat. It has been thirty years since The Great War which left the realms of Valandra fractured and broken. Now, an ancient evil has awakened and the wraith knight Ashram has risen from the ashes to lead an army of the dead against the faltering realms. Arianna De Amato witnessed her master’s death at the hands of the diabolical Ashram. Acquiring the mystical sword, The Moon Blade, she gains the unique ability to guide and control the wind. Seeking revenge, Arianna hunts down those responsible for her master’s death including who, or whatever, is responsible for resurrecting Ashram from the afterlife. But she can’t do it alone. Enlisting the aid of her apprentice, Lisette Durante, in addition to a debonair thief named Leif Ericson, and a Dark Elf named Alegra Lockwiel, she embarks upon a harrowing quest which will test the limits of their friendship. But even with the help of her new friends, it still may not be enough to defeat Ashram and his army of the dead. This epic fantasy is multi-genre author Tristan Vick's first foray into the realm of monsters and magic! Contains use of magic, a lesbian protagonist, mixed human and elf relations, and magitek Juggernaut automatons made of living armor which run on dragon's eye crystals.

If you want to check out more about this awesome book, check out Vick's website here.

Already sold and ready to get your hands on it? Pre-order your copy now!

What would you do if your mother died a traitor?

In a land where humans and magical creatures are at war, Kala grew up believing that Mystics were responsible for the death of her mother. After being rescued from her kidnapper by an Elf, she discovers that her mother was murdered by a human while working for the Alliance. Her search for the truth leads her into the arms of her enemy. As her people prepare for war, her indecision threatens the lives of those she loves.

Get a free look into the wonders of Kala's journey through Causey's website.

Like what you see from there? Get your copy of Ring of Fire right now on Amazon!

That's all I've got for you peeps today, but I'll be keeping my eye out for your next book-ish fix. Until next time, stay weird and unruly, my friends!

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