Interview with the characters from The Mage's Son!

Arion Hunts from The Mage's Son

Q: Welcome to our interview with the stars! Today we’re here with three teens straight from Lontorra for the debut of The Mage’s Son by T Ariyanna. How about introducing yourselves?

Arion: Hi, I—I’m Arion Hunts. I’m a Mage. This is my story, so please read it if you want to. Just don’t make fun of me after, please.

Kaitlyn: My name’s Kaitlyn, nice to meet you! I can’t believe I actually get to be here, this is amazing! It’s just like in all my other stories that I’ve read. I’m getting nervous.

Cyllorian: Do I have to? Yes? Fine, whatever. I’m a demon, and I bite. Happy?

Q: All right, that works for me then. What about the story. What can we expect when reading?

Arion: It’s not always happy, but it’s not all bad either. I try to find my mom, with a little help, but I keep getting caught up along the way.

Kaitlyn: Arion, lighten up a little. It’ll be okay! About the story, I help out as much as I can by keeping the bullies away from Arion, and supporting him. It does get a bit crazy, I’ll admit, but it’s not as bad as Arion says, I promise! He’s just not good at being positive. Right Cy, it’s not that bad?

Cyllorian: It’s “Temper Tantrum: The Novel.”

Q: What are your skills?

Arion: I can do magic with the help of Tome. He’s my spell book. I really like to make things, too! If you give me a bunch of parts and an hour, I can make anything. I’m no good at fighting, but I can run…

Kaitlyn: I’m just human, so I can’t do much. I’m the voice of reason for these two, and I have to keep them from fighting. That definitely counts as a skill, I tell you.

Cyllorian: Sarcasm.

Q: I’ve heard there’s quite a variety of animals here. Tell us about your pet.

Arion: Well, he’s not really a pet, but I helped this wolf and we became friends, I think. There was an owl, too, but I hurt him on accident. I guess I’m not very good with animals.

Kaitlyn: *shows tiny lizard* This is Dragon! He’s a lizard, but he looks like a real dragon, doesn’t he? He goes everywhere with me, and stays in my pocket. I found him when I was really little, he just came to me. But don’t tell my dad, he doesn't like reptiles.

Cyllorian: *Gets up from chair, walks to the other side, and grabs Arion by his hair* Need I say more?

Arion: Sit down, Cy! That hurts, let go!

Q: Seems like a good time for this question, then. How do you deal with conflict?

Arion: I—I don’t do well with conflict. I just try to avoid it, because if I don’t I end up messing stuff up really bad.

Kaitlyn: You have to stand your ground. Show them you’re not afraid of them, but don’t stoop to their level. They want you to fight back, and you can’t give them that satisfaction.

Cyllorian: Murder.

Q: Enlightening, but everyone has their own methods, I suppose. So how do you all get along with each other?

Arion: Kaitlyn’s my best friend, of course we get along! She’s the only one who’s nice to me—

Cyllorian: What do you mean she’s the only nice one? What are you saying about me, kid? Huh, spit it out! *Reaches across Kaitlyn to grab Arion.*

Arion: I’m saying that you pick on me. Ow! Like that! You always hurt me and say mean things. Let me go, Cy. Ouch!

Kaitlyn: That’s enough, you two! This isn’t the time and place for that, I told you to behave yourselves. *Forcefully shoves Arion and Cyllorian away from each other and back to their own chairs.*

Arion: Why do you always have to do that, Cy?

Cyllorian: Why do you always have to deserve it? Stupid kid, talking bad about me like that. After everything we’ve been through! I can’t believe it.

Kaitlyn: As you can see, it’s slow going, but they’re making progress. They only fight like this because they’re such good friends!

Arion and Cyllorian: We’re not!

Kaitlyn: See? Best friends, they just have a funny way of showing it.

Q: Seems we got off track with the last question, and are coming up on our time today. How about we wrap this up? Any final words?

Arion: I hope you like reading about us. It was a lot of work to get this far.

Kaitlyn: Definitely was! There was fighting, and bad guys, magic. Everything you need for a big adventure story!

Cyllorian: This interview was more tiring, and more boring, than the story. I need a nap.

Kaitlyn: That’s not very nice, Cy! Especially since they invited us!

Arion: Maybe you’re tired because you sit around all the time and don’t actually do anything! Lazy demon.

Cyllorian: What did you call me, kid? Say it again, I dare you! I’ll prove I’m not lazy by kicking your a—

Q: And that’s all the time we have for today! Thank you again for talking with us about your adventure. You can join them yourselves by reading Of Magic Book One: The Mage’s Son. Hope you enjoyed, and we’ll see you next time

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