O F   M A G I C   :   B O O K   O N E

Harry Potter clashes with Beauty and the Beast in T. Ariyanna’s stunning steampunk debut...

Arion was born different. After years of torture by the hands of his abusive father, the arrival of his thirteenth birthday reveals a shocking secret...he has magic. After believing his mother was dead for years, he discovers she was a Mage, a magical person able to craft intricate pieces of technology, and do incredible things. Believing she’s alive, Arion begins a desperate search, to understand his dark past and reunite with the parent he never knew.

After a rouge spell goes awry, Arion finds himself scarred with the face of a beast, and fighting to contain a malicious, wisecracking demon, who’s taken up refuge inside Arion’s head. Declared an outcast by the townspeople, Arion flees to his dark castle in the middle of the forest, continuing the search for his mother while attempting to win the heart of Kaitlyn, the kindly maiden who has befriended him. But can Kaitlyn’s beauty tame the evil inside? After all, who could ever love a monster?

In her first novel, Ariyanna weaves a dark tale full of twisted humor that spirals to a shocking ending. Filled with action, adventure, and romance, The Mage’s Son is a young adult epic fantasy that will have readers clamoring for the next installment in the Of Magic series.


"Ariyanna is a spellbinding storyteller. Gritty, gory, and heartfelt, she reminds readers there's a little supervillian in all of us." - Megan Linski, bestselling author of The Kingdom Saga and The Rhodi Saga


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